What is a premium tree?

A Premium tree is really a pack deal that includes the tree, a scoop of tree food, (The scoop dilutes into one gallon), a history sheet about the tree from the very seed to a sapling to the tree in a package ready to go to it's new home, the tree's name, (Every tree you buy from us, premium or not, will come with a name that was chose by us), and a free gift.

 What does TLC mean?

Tender Loving Care.

What comes with my tree?

 Your tree will come packaged safe, in fact, we think that it will be the best packaged of most companies right on the site! Also, a paper with the name of tree species, cultivator, and growing info will come with the package. Also, a name for the tree, Hudson for example, will be on the paper. But most impotaint, our tender loving care is passed down to you in that package.

What is a grafted tree and why is the price high?

Grafting is a remarkable process that be used to  add small branches or buds to a tree, and the branches and/or buds can come from different cultivator, or even a different species! After a graft is a succsess, we trim off any other branches or leaves that are not the graft. After a while the small graft will turn into a big tree. For example: You have a crabapple tree in your backyard. This tree has stood up with no harm to just about every canker attack and soil borne disease there is, when all your other apple trees fail to every attack. But there is one thing, the crabapples on this tree are really disgusting to you This tree is going to be your Rootstock. As you can see here, this is a great rootstock as the disease resistance is flying colours, and has outlived the other apple trees in the backyard. After grafting is completed, the rootstock will consist of the roots and the lower stem. Now you have the apple tree in the mom's yard, that produces bumper crops of big, fat, and juicy apples that taste perfect. Then you take branch stock and/or budstock and then go back home. A few ways you can graft are using Bark grafting (Not actual bark) and Cleft grafting. So you cut the stem down to 2 feet tall, then you graft. In a while, that graft will become a tree, and the rootstock will serve you well. We can offer grafted trees for fruit trees as well as some flowering/landscape trees and some trees with cash crop purposes. Our grafted flowering trees are worth a try because they bloom sooner, and with the exact genetics of the parent tree, you will really enjoy you trees blooms and shows. The price is high because of thier greatness, but are lower in price than what others sell them for. 

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