WindPrinceCherry Laurel

The tree you have been waiting for... the tree that buffers out that city noise and the peeping tom next door!

This mutli-use, mid sized tree is a jack-of-all-trades! From it's fast growth, dense canopy, perfect size, and extreme adaptiblity and hardiness, to it's use of acting as a privacy screen, windbreak, AND a hedge or shrub, it truly is a jack-of-all-trades! Will need some pruning if tree form to let air flow in the canopy. One of a bees favorite trees. For screen or windbreak, space 12-15 feet apart.

Height: 20-50 Feet, if left to form a tree.

Width: 12-15 feet

Growth Rate: Fast

Drought Resistance: Moderate, Severe Droughts Will Make The Tree Prone To Borer Infestation.

What is so special about WindPrinceCherry Laurel?

The WindPrinceParents have been selected because of thier Superior Resistance To Drought, Resistance To Heat, Fast Growth, And thier adaptability to adverse conditions.


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