Angel Wing Begonia 'Lana'

We are offering here a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have your own 'Lana' Angel Wing Begonia. This Offer Should Not be taken lightly as we know you will love what this rare plant has to offer. Really puts other angel wings to shame.


This Angel Wing will be the showstopper on the patio or in a tropical garden!

With it's highly prized huge leathery red leafs, pink flowers, cane like stems, and it's clumping habit like clumping bamboo, it is sure to empress you!


Hight: Some of the canes that we have have got about 6 feet tall and have not slowed down yet!

Growth Rate: Fast, Quickly attains hight and cane like stems, spreads fast too.

Hardy Range: 5a-7a (patio or houseplant, bring indoors when frost is present.) 7b-9b with winter protection (In the ground covered with a winter protection cloth of some sort) 10a-11b (In the ground without winter protection)

Light: Part Shade, Will get burned leaves in Full Sun.


Starter Cuttings: (No More Than 12'', 2 per offer) 14.95








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